2019-04-14 News and controversy over a giant harm chair!

Today we are exploring art news from the soon to be new LACMA installation, the turmoil over Le Corbusier’s museum in France and Feminist V.S. Gaetano Pesce, fighting the same battle but trowing arrows at each other!

This weeks articles: 




On this week podcast I jus make a quick overview of the controversy over the two soon to be or may be not so much in the cas of Le Corbusier’s space. As the podcast come along I go deeper in the subject of feminism attacking a not so welcome sculpture in front of Milan’s own Cathedral.

Congratulation to LACMA, L.A. county and Brad, Diane and Thomas the main advocates for this soon (2023) to be museum. opening to public is schedule for 2024 according to museum sources.

For the people who are wandering about the rest of LACMA’s exhibition and collection, most of it will be stored away or put to good use on traveling shows. LACMA will show multiple rotating exhibitions that will include work from the permanent collection in its BCAM and Resnick buildings, the both of them will remain part of the LACMA campus.

Moving forward to the protest against Le Corbusier’s museum plan. Well people are quick to draw the Anti-Semitic / Fascist stone at this project And I dont blame them. Before jumping in to drastic conclusion that the men should “almost” be erased from history, can we look at the corpus of work and the influence that he has brought to modern architecture and design. Yes, he had pretty drastic Ideas and the design he was proposing was most of the time to create social separation and where easily incubator to create ghettos. On the other end the designs that he produces helped a lot to create and reinforce knowlage that we have of already existing construction materials specially concrete. May be the solution would be to incorporate other influent French architect in a single museum and dedicate a section to the man. Only time will tell us how the french government will get involved in the process.

Finally I go more in depth into the subject of Gaetano Pesce’s Maestà Sofferente as it was on display for a few days in the Piazza del Duomo in Milan. I speak about the arguments that are sparked over this sculpture that is ment to represent the repression of the female in modern Italy where most of the complaints for domestic violence are overlooked or laugh at by the authorities.

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