My world of abstract

abstract artwork by Martin Lacasse
Close-up form “Stained” pencil and Micron on 300gr. paper.

Finding comfort in simplicity, I love to do abstract artwork. Although most of what we see look simple at first, much of it really need to be taught out. Does simple lines and shapes that are set on the paper to look somehow random are actually the fruit of a deliberate and conscious placement. The same can be said for the colours that are applied.

By looking closely into the pieces of Art you can decipher shapes, close enough and things are starting to make sense. You connect those line with other abstract form that your mind as purposefully invented out of thin air just so you can organize and recognize what is standing in front of you. Go back and forth from that piece to a blank wall. Do the exercise a couple of time and you will start to realize what  your mind wants you to see. It is now tricking you into seeing something that doesn’t exist at all.

With that theory and image in mind you can now access with almost a hundred percent certainty that’s your mind is tricking you and not the artist.
Abstraction is important for the sole reason that it brings you to visually question your surrounding. By doing so it is easy for you look at things or situation with a different view if you need to. It is a simple and easy path questioning reality from fiction, good from bad, important from useless and critical from expendable.


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