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A deconstruction of nature, a visually intriguing space where life happen
A deconstruction of nature, a visually intriguing space where life happen

This weekend I went on a hike in a little park near where I live. I really enjoy going in nature once in awhile to take pictures of the Forgotten, although this is how I called him. The little things in nature that surrounds us that we tend to forget about. If it is a work of observation to be able to develop a Keen Eye. I put myself in a situation the mindset where I am searching for oddly significant things, creatures or sceneries. Through a rigorous work of observation I am able to see things that would go unnoticed to the untrained eye.

Once I found my subject I tried putting it in a perspective that would attract the eye and tell a little story. Although they are what we consider as inanimate object I have clearly been through an odd story, or what I try to depict in my photography

I encourage you to look at those picture and ask yourself what situation has brought this to where it stands now. It is an oddly satisfying exercise of imagination. I often feel like it helps the brain to make connexion between things that would otherwise be set apart.

I will now leave you stumbling down the rabbit hole of your own mind and imagination. Take this time today set creative to set yourself in a state of mine that you would otherwise never explore. Don’t be shy by craziness or childish taught. They are the symbol that your mind is opening to new horizon.

The way we can get entangle in some spiky situations...
The way we can get entangle in some spiky situations…

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